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The Schoolhouse Museum

In 1844, land was purchased from Elizabeth & Daniel Hall, and deeded to Charles Richardson, Darus Baker, and Ardin Woodruff, as the first trustees for Sheldon-Java School District #10. A one-room school was built. It was later moved and replaced in 1891 with the present two-room Queen Anne style Schoolhouse. It was listed on the 1976 Bicentennial National Historic Landmark Survey. In 2022, this building was 131 years old!

Originally, all elementary grades (1-8) were taught in this school. Miss Dorotha E. Kirsch, who began teaching at the schoolhouse in 1942, was the last teacher. She continued to live in Strykersville until she passed away at the age of 101! In 1967, the Holland School District absorbed Sheldon #10, and after the school closed in 1971, the building became run down. 

The United States Bicentennial in 1976 sparked excitement across our country, and there became a renewed interest in history everywhere. In Sheldon, a group of people formed the Sheldon Historical Society, and one of their goals was to preserve historic buildings in our town. The Town of Sheldon purchased the Schoolhouse Museum from the Holland School for $1.00. The Historical Society, the Town of Sheldon, and the community worked hard to preserve the building, and it has been maintained ever since. The town continues to be supportive of our Historical Society and the upkeep of the building. 

The Schoolhouse was built by people who wanted their children to have a good education. Buildings have changed but the desire to learn remains the same!

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